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12 May 12:00 - 13:00

Mindful Office

This workshop presents the why and the how of implementing "Mindful Office".

Mindful Office is the working title for an initiative to maintain peaceful and connected teams while implementing smart business strategies and achieving cutting edge results.

It is a culture of honoring ourselves and our peers, and a culture of respect and compassion for one-another. It is a practice of developing a learning environment, and an ecosystem of support and empowerment of each-other's growth.

Our approach is based in mindfulness and uses a blend of techniques and exercises including non-violent communication, stress management, yoga, meditation, self-awareness and self-regulation, reaction and response, motivation and (self) leadership training, etc.

In Moonwise, our mission is to help organizations transition smoothly into the new way of working together, by helping individuals and teams tap into their inner growth. We facilitate a transformation from within, with mindful presence and good practices. We deliver growth by ensuring happiness. Read more at

When: 12/5 12-1pm
Language: English

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Ivy is a well-being coach trained in nonviolent communication, neuro linguistic programming, and psychology; has an extensive experience and practice of meditation, yoga, mindfulness and empathy work; as well as long life interest in introspection, neuroscience, spirituality and self-development. 

She started her career in an international non-governmental organization, working with developing democracy in her country. Then after moving, studied software and worked as a software development consultant in Stockholm before co-founding  Moonwise, where she has the role of a dreamer and CEO.

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